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Special Equipment

Our company owns a wide range of special equipment that can be rent or operated by us as contractor

  • Launching Girder 150 Ton/45 m with all special rails
  • Launching Girder 100 Ton/40 m with all special rails
  • Girder Shifter 75 Ton/35 m with all special rails
  • Paul Hydraulic Pumps
  • Paul Tensa from mono strands Jack to Multi strands Jack 6100 KN
  • Grouting Mixers & Pumps
  • Strand Unicoilers
  • Shotcrete machine
  • Cranes variable ranges
  • Tower crane
  • KABAG Concrete Batch plant fully computerized
  • Other equipment used for construction such as Transit Mixers, Dump Trucks, Water Tanks, Fork Lifts, Compactor, Excavator, Loaders, Graders and more