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About MK

About MK

Marwan Ahmad Alkurdi & Part. Co. Ltd was established in 1981, and we are honored to be one of the leading construction companies in Jordan.

Our company operates and provides the best Contracting and Construction practice based on the latest technologies in the construction fields and applying the highest standards for safety and environmental protection.

Our philosophy is based on the client satisfaction which is one of the most critical elements to our success.

Our company began to operate outside Jordan initially on Bridge Construction in Saudi Arabia and received many outboard tendering invitations for Dams, Highways and Bridge Construction.

Our company is membership of Jordanian Construction Contractors Association and graded as 1st class Construction Contractor which is the highest class can be given to a contractor in Jordan, in the same time we are a member of Arab Contractors, Islamic Countries Contractor Federation, International Real Estate Federation and in Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.

Company History

Marwan Ahmad Alkurdi & Part. Co. Ltd. (MK) was originally established in Zarka/Jordan by Engineer Marwan Alkurdi under the name of Modern Zarqa Establishment for Construction in 1981.

MK Starts with private and public buildings construction and general contracting works and become now one of the biggest and leader companies in Jordan , since MK was successfully completed a variety of special construction works such as Dams, Bridges, Highways, Piling Works, Post-tensioning works, …etc.

Of course the Company success in Jordan was our reference for being an international contractor.

Chairman word

It is with great honor I welcome you to Marwan Ahmad Alkurdi & Part. Co. Ltd. web site.

We are proud to be one of the biggest construction companies in Jordan, keeps on developing and extending our markets, and special thanks to my team which consist of a selection of managers, engineers, technicians, special employees who are trained to assist in the development, management and execution of the works to the highest quality and standards.

Our company applies the highest technologies, safety, health, environmental thus the company is still progressing steadily in the market and there is nothing I can say or write that can have as much impact on my organizations programs and services, as my client testimonials.

I hope you enjoy visiting our web site and On behalf of our company I thank you for your time visiting our website.


Jordan Main Office :
Address : 17 Abdullah Ghosheh Street , 7th Circle Amman – Jordan
Mailing address : P.O Box 506 Amman 11821, Jordan
Telephone: 00962-6-5819489 / 00962-6-5819490
Fax : 00962-6-5819488

ZARQA Branch
Contact Person:
Mr. Mohammed Awad
Mobile : 00962-53986615
Phone : 00962-796335530

AQABA Branch
Contact Person:
Mr. Mohammed Alkurdi
Mobile : 00962-796300600
Email : mohammed@mkurdi.com

Saudi Arabia
Alawali / Makkah City
Contact Person :
Eng. Kamel Alkurdi
Mobile : 00966-509037944
Email : kamel@mkurdi.com

Contact Person :
Eng. Kamal Alkurdi
Mobile : 00962-79-6444008
Email : kamal@mkurdi.com

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